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If you were dating would take me to a scary movie knowing that I'm extremely squeamish. I would bury my face in your shoulder/neck every time the film was particularly scary and you would tell me when it was safe to look again.....
lipstickandligature lipstickandligature Said:

I don’t know if that’s the case! I’m awful with scary movies so we’re probably both be freaking out in equal measure. 

Asker yourloyaltoy Asks:
If I were dating you... there'd probably be a strong D/s element to the whole thing. I can't really recall what your tastes are other than CBT, which I'm not really sure about personally, but we'd discuss things like that because communication is key. I'd enjoy cooking for you, and I'd probably want to give not infrequent foot massages, if that were a thing you liked. Also, if we were dating, I'm hoping I'd be over on your side of the Atlantic because this side is awful.
lipstickandligature lipstickandligature Said:


Thank you. That’s such a polite considered answer. It sounds delightful! 

:) Europe awaits!

I don’t mind being sexy, but on my terms. To this day, I love sexuality. I love the art of sexuality. The mysterious, the artistic and the slightly perverse. I’m interested in all that.

I don’t mind being sexy, but on my terms. To this day, I love sexuality. I love the art of sexuality. The mysterious, the artistic and the slightly perverse. I’m interested in all that.

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Evening Ensemble

Elsa Schiaparelli, 1939

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If crime was legal for one night then Schiaparelli gowns and beautiful houses and thrilling art is what I’d steal. I’d take clothes and art and first editions of victorian novels. I’d do it all wearing this. 

OOTD - Sometimes, I Dress Modern.

I haven’t posted an OOTD for a long time. Right now, I’m undergoing something of a vintage break. It just isn’t speaking to me or working like it used to. Fashion is never just clothes but an expression of how we perceive ourselves and how others view us. I’m really into this current masculine-but-feminine trend at the moment. I like the functionality of it, I like its elegance and simplicity but most of all I like having actual pockets. Being able to put simple but effective clothes on and just do things is something I’ve missed. I don’t have to worry about too high heels or being condescended to. 

Something I was acutely aware of when I was dressing very stylised and vintage, perhaps unsurprisingly given the unusual nature of such a thing, was how much people’s behaviour towards me changed. People were more courteous but also more dismissive of me. 

Regardless of that, I’m wearing the following today:

Silver tailored trousers - H&M - A/W ‘13

Wrap top - Baukjen - S/S ‘13

Low court heels (with a tiny but adorable bow that you can’t really see) - Zara - A/W ‘13, (snagged in the sale, no less.)

Gold necklace - By Boe 

Nails, shade 286 - Kiko

Lips, Nude Beige - Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color

I am intrigued by her no-nonsense way of being. And that over time we get to see warmth and what she cares about. She is an enigma. “ -  Gillian Anderson.


What if he kills a prostitute next? Or a woman walking home drunk, late at night and in a short skirt? Will they be in some way less innocent, therefore less deserving? Culpable? The media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps. Angels and whores. Let’s not encourage them.

This was so great. Fangirling a little about this show. 




sometimes the questions u send me get ignored because they’re sooo good that it would take me a while to answer and if i don’t have time or energy when i see them i just let them get lost… i’m so sorry. but ya if i didn’t answer u it was probably cause your question was amazing and i’ll try to answer a bunch of them and post submissions tomorrow, even if they’re weeks late, cause it’s probably important that people see the info u guys requested!!! i will try to get on that.

i love u all so so much!!!

It makes me feel a little bit less like a horrible person to see that I’m not the only tumblrer that this happens to. If I didn’t reply to your message, it was either (a) really awesome so I feel the need to wait until I have time to reply (b) I was/am just super busy with life (c) really really shitty and insulting to me, but those are the rarest ones! It’s 90% of the time (a) or (b)

omg, what they said.

I am so bad about this lately, sorry! Sometimes the questions are either 1) so good they give me brainlock, or 2) so good they give me digital diarrhea. And sometimes I’m just really busy/tired.

But! My recent brush with inbox death has galvanized me! Gonna try get to some of these ASAP. 

Thirded! Sometimes life gets in the way and I need to make time to answer questions! :)


What on earth is a dominant bottom?

Some time ago now, I mentioned that dominant bottoms are a thing. I think it’s worth going into a little more detail about just what I was talking about, because that’s kind of an oxymoron for a lot of people.

First of all, credit where it’s due: I got the idea of human sexuality & kinky interests as a number of separate spectrums from Midori, who teaches fantastic classes and who you should…

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I read this this morning and it blew my mind. Brilliantly perceptive. So true. 

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“It changes. On one hand, I believe I came into this world being in control, but I often don’t ask for help when I should, which means I have a tendency to isolate. It can take a while to snap out of it.” [x]

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But the cruelest thing you can do to an artist is tell them their work is flawless when it isn’t. It gives them no incentive to improve or try new things, which a creative person must always strive to do.
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